Motiiv makes a motive unforgettable

What is Motiiv?

Motiiv is a social platform based around experienced and events (called Motiiv’s). It lets you quickly and easily let friends know about social events you are planning to go to and who you would like to invite to share the experiences with you!

As well as this, Motiiv’s comprehensive list of experiences means that you can meet new people over common interests based on the experience itself. For example, Liverpool footballers arranging an 11 a side game, paintballing fanatics joining together to save money on a paintball event or even theatre lovers arranging a trip to the West End!

A paintball shooter on the ground to show one of the activities that Motiiv provides.
Motiiv organised paintball event working with a vendor in Birmingham

Why would I use Motiiv?

Motiiv benefits our users in the following ways:

  1. Motiiv allows new people or friends to meet together and save money through utilising group discounts, as opposed to paying individually for the same event!
  2. Motiiv allows users to create social events and let their friends and friends of friends know about the event! For example, events include (but are not limited to): house parties, five a side football games, bar crawls, society meets e.t.c.
  3. Motiiv allows the more extroverted to meet new people over common interests – i.e. meet new people over interests such as theatre, adrenaline events or even interests over events with a theme e.g. Game of Thrones marathon night.
A bar crawl with people drinking from at a bar. A group event organised by Motiiv.
A MOTIIV at a bar in Birmingham. This particular MOTIIV was to do with people who share a common interest in wine, organised by a user of Motiiv.

How does the two group chat system work when I’m interested in a Motiiv?

Motiiv uses two group chats and they work in the following system:

The first group chat allows the group to get to know each other briefly as well as find out generic information about the event i.e. who’s going, the amount of discount available, if any extra equipment/travel is necessary as well as the price. It also allows the Motiiv leader to kick anyone who’s being unfair/rude.

The second group chat is then used to finalise details such as the specific location to meet up, to know your ‘finalised’ group a bit more as well as more confidential information. This is also where Motiiv steps in and finalises the deal with the vendor and handles any custom requests. As a result of the confidentiality, the second group chat can only be accessed once the Motiiv has been paid for.

N.B. For free “Motiiv’s” such as house parties, the two group chat process still exists, however, the portal is free to enter once the Motiiv leader deems the Motiiv ready to be finalised.

motiiv app feed
Motiiv’s feed in use!

How do I save money by using Motiiv’s group feature?

For many experiences, in fact almost all of the ones that we list, firms offering these services will offer discounts due to people going as a group. Going with 20 other people guarantees a far greater service per person as opposed to gong with two others. We’ve reached out to all the firms in our app and established these deals beforehand using our positive relations with the firms.

However, while this seems good, there is always the issue of trying to find people who are free to join you on an event! Motiiv through its two-system group chat and event social platform also helps to solve this!

How do I create my own Motiiv?

To create your own Motiiv it’s relatively simple:

  1. Click the icon (insert icon) to create your own experience.
  2. Fill in the information that we require for your own Motiiv, for example, the activity, whether it is public, friends and their friends or just friends as well as the location.
  3. If it is a vendor activity (I.e. not free) let us confirm the amount discounted based on the number of people you would like to go with
  4. We’ll then let you know when the Motiiv is on the platform through a notification!
These are people who are camping and lighting a bonfire.
A camping MOTIIV organised for Game of Thrones enthusiasts organised by a GOT fan and user of Motiiv.

Why can I review people and the event after I have been on the experience?

We strive to make sure all Motiiv’s are the best they can possibly be.

As a result, while this means reviews of the actual activities are important as a gauge, we also believe that by reviewing people – this helps the Motiiv become more enjoyable.

If people are reviewed, then this means those who provide an amazing time and are accommodating will have more five star reviews, and hence are more likely to be invited to other Motiivs. While on the other hand, those that are deemed to engage in socially unacceptable behaviour, (i.e. being mean, not turning up to an event) would be reviewed accordingly, allowing future Motiiv leaders and groups to take this into consideration.

I would like to create a Motiiv but the categories in your list don’t best sum up the experience. What do I do?

Send us an email at and we will rectify this!  

Why can sometimes I can just buy tickets directly instead of joining a group chat?

University societies’ often will not offer a discount based on a group event, and instead offer a discount on a per person basis simply by partnering with Motiiv.

As a result, this leads to the platform to allow you to access the group chat directly by purchasing the ticket directly. (As in the university society – the common interest is the university itself.)

Please note, for university societies’, the ticket and ticket receipt is sent to your university email (e.g. in order to ensure only those who are part of the correct university can attend the event.

I am part of a University society and want to list my events on Motiiv. How do I get in touch?

Get in touch by sending an email with your proposal to

I have a business and want to be on Motiiv. How do I get in touch?

Get in touch by sending an email with your proposal to

Is Motiiv expanding to other cities soon?

Following our first city (trial run) Birmingham, we will then expand to other cities in the UK including London, Edinburgh and Manchester. From there we intend to concentrate our efforts in major cities in the UK as well as major cities in the US.

I have a question not listed here. What should I do?

Get in touch with us at and we’ll do our absolute best to help you!