Meet The Team

Motiiv makes a motive unforgettable

The University of Birmingham

MOTIIV is an app partially funded by the University of Birmingham as per its Startup program. This means MOTIIV has the support of notable alumni, Birmingham mentors and 30,000 University of Birmingham students.

While the app is still in the beta stage in Birmingham, usage across the University is very strong and Motiivs are being organised among peer groups at the University of Birmingham.

Edoardo Bassett (CTO)

Edoardo Bassett is the CTO of Motiiv, using his technical ability learned since the age of 9 to help be a core part and leader of the Motiiv team. As well as building out the app, Edoardo Bassett plays a pivotal role in event logistics, maintaining existing business relationships and user retention.

Niaz Caan (CEO)

Niaz Caan is an award-winning entrepreneur who has six years of experience in business since working in the Catering and Tech industry since the age of 14. Awarded “Best Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2019” at BritAsia awards, Niaz Caan is the CEO of Motiiv, working to make experiences more social, cheaper and easier. Niaz Caan handles a multitude of roles at Motiiv, some of them including; new business leads, events, user sales and marketing.